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In the beginning…

Hi everybody and welcome to my first ever blog post =) I´m Philipp Döschl and the producer of Verge at FDG. I’ve been working with Eugene (or Johnny as many call him as well) for a few years already on games like Cover Orange 1 & 2, Ragdoll Cannon and Roly-Poly Cannon. We always had a great time making games, even having 2.000 miles between us. And we had even greater times when we meet 😉

In the end of 2013, Johnny told us of his new game idea. After doing what he did so far for a long time, he wanted to move on and make a more sophisticated (3D) game. Being a big fan of the platforming / puzzle genre that Valve’s Portal brought to life, I fell in love with the idea of Verge.

One of the first things I saw of the game was a photo of a prototype level design, built with lego bricks. I´m not sure if at that time I already knew what the game mechanic was about.

Check it out. Do you have ideas what the mechanics could be about?


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