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The first screenshot

Until yet, we didn’t show anything about the gameplay. Well, now it’s time to reveal it!


We won’t unveil the story now, but as you can see, the game has a quite unique look. More on the story in another post 😉

For some reason, you’re stuck in a… well, let’s say weird world. You control a character that can “clone” itself and transfer between its clones. Sometimes you’ll even have to sacrifice one of your clones. There’s a door in every level that you obviously need to reach. As you may assume already, you’ll have to reach that door in order to progress. Between the start of a level and the door, you’ll have to overcome mindblowing puzzles. Portal fans rejoice.

This all sounds a bit weird? It’ll all make sense very soon when we have the first video ready in a few days.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Sergio

    Hi I see your game in the Gamescom and I like it. Im a spanish youtuber and if you want i can upload vídeos of your game and the updates to my channel.
    My channel:
    My twitter:
    My gmail:

  2. Philipp - FDG

    hi sergio,
    thanks a lot, glad you like the game. i´ll send you an email shortly.


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