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Time flies… we’re still alive!

Oh goodness, the last blog update was almost 3 months ago? That’s too long of a silence. 

So what happened in the meantime? Besides working on the game day by day, we had a great time at Gamescom, with more than 500 people playing Verge. We gathered lots of feedback there and were happy with how well the game was received by the press and by people coming to our booth. Here are some impressions from the booth (as you might remember, we’ve been part of the Indie Arena Booth).

We’ve been showing Verge a second time to the public at DevGAMM in Hamburg, which was a great event. Unfortunately we’ve run into technical trouble and the game was not running smoothly on both a Mac Book Pro Retina and a ASUS i7 / 12GB RAM / Nvidea m940 laptop. So we were struggling a little bit getting it to run properly, but finally managed to do so. We’ve shown different levels here, but people enjoyed Verge the same as before at Gamescom.


Showing a new version of Verge at DevGAMM conference in Hamburg to collect some more feedback.

I’ll follow with an update on the current development state very soon. 

Stay tuned!

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  1. Ceylan

    Haven’t heard from you in a while. Is there any progress to the game? I remember playing it on the GamesCom 2015. Since then there was no more info about that. Any status?

    1. m4nt1Z



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