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A small piece of a lie

Well, let me tell you how the idea to make this game in this particular way came to my mind (actually, you haven’t seen it yet, but still). Of course, everything you’ll read here is a lie and all the things that happened were absolutely different, because there were lots of non-interesting attempts and depressing mistakes when starting to create this game. Only once it became clear that gameplay and story will fit together, there appeared a possibility to wrap all the things in an interesting and non-depressing shell. So, now I’m ready to tell.

Once again – it isn’t true.

Seriously, don’t believe me.

I’ve never been in a coma. Moreover, I never had a  general anesthesia. There was something similar in my life and I dealt with it by myself during my childhood. Once, accidentally, but because of my stupidity, a soviet iron swing hit me in the neck. I heard many stories about what happened from other people and about terrible things which I was doing after. But for me, that day was just cut from my life.

I never met anybody who came back from a coma. There are many stories on the Internet about their dreams, but I guess they saw these dreams right before waking up. And I think that there was something else. Or there was absolutely nothing.

“There is nothing” – This became the main idea , which I decided to use as a start (and it is untrue, don’t forget it).

“There is nothing”.

Or maybe almost nothing.

Actually, I’m not so sure I can continue without being kicked by Philipp because of disclosing things we don’t want to disclose yet. I think I have to ask him. Don’t go anywhere.

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