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Philipp co-founded FDG Entertainment back in 2001 at the age of 19. Having graduated in Sound Engineering and studied Japanese, Philipp can look back onto a video gaming background of almost 30 years, starting playing games at only 4 years old, witnessing the evolution and growth of the video gaming industry from the big crash in 1983 to nowadays first hand.

Time flies… we’re still alive!

Oh goodness, the last blog update was almost 3 months ago? That’s too long of a silence. 

So what happened in the meantime? Besides working on the game day by day, we had a great time at Gamescom, with more than 500 people playing Verge. We gathered lots of feedback there and were happy with how well the game was received by the press and by people coming to our booth. Here are some impressions from the booth (as you might remember, we’ve been part of the Indie Arena Booth).

We’ve been showing Verge a second time to the public at DevGAMM in Hamburg, which was a great event. Unfortunately we’ve run into technical trouble and the game was not running smoothly on both a Mac Book Pro Retina and a ASUS i7 / 12GB RAM / Nvidea m940 laptop. So we were struggling a little bit getting it to run properly, but finally managed to do so. We’ve shown different levels here, but people enjoyed Verge the same as before at Gamescom.


Showing a new version of Verge at DevGAMM conference in Hamburg to collect some more feedback.

I’ll follow with an update on the current development state very soon. 

Stay tuned!

The first screenshot

Until yet, we didn’t show anything about the gameplay. Well, now it’s time to reveal it!


We won’t unveil the story now, but as you can see, the game has a quite unique look. More on the story in another post 😉

For some reason, you’re stuck in a… well, let’s say weird world. You control a character that can “clone” itself and transfer between its clones. Sometimes you’ll even have to sacrifice one of your clones. There’s a door in every level that you obviously need to reach. As you may assume already, you’ll have to reach that door in order to progress. Between the start of a level and the door, you’ll have to overcome mindblowing puzzles. Portal fans rejoice.

This all sounds a bit weird? It’ll all make sense very soon when we have the first video ready in a few days.

Stay tuned.

The logo

Monday’s news was exciting and there are barely 2 weeks until GamesCom starts, so we gotta keep up the pace. We’ll try to give you a quick update every day or two. 

Every game needs a logo, right? Something unique, popping into your eyes that makes you recognise the game immediately. We’re excited to show you the final version of the logo (sure, it might change until the game is released depending on the feedback, but that’s it for now):


Play VERGE at the Indie Arena Both at GamesCom

Wow, how time flies! it’s been some time since the last update… 

Anyways, we’re back with tons of news, the most exciting being: we will be at GamesCom! You’ll have the chance to drop by our booth at the Indie Arena Booth and play Verge there yourself. We’re really excited to meet all of you there, watch you playing, talk about the game and get your feedback.

We’ll post details where you can find the Indie Arena Booth soon. 

Stay tuned! =)


In the beginning…

Hi everybody and welcome to my first ever blog post =) I´m Philipp Döschl and the producer of Verge at FDG. I’ve been working with Eugene (or Johnny as many call him as well) for a few years already on games like Cover Orange 1 & 2, Ragdoll Cannon and Roly-Poly Cannon. We always had a great time making games, even having 2.000 miles between us. And we had even greater times when we meet 😉

In the end of 2013, Johnny told us of his new game idea. After doing what he did so far for a long time, he wanted to move on and make a more sophisticated (3D) game. Being a big fan of the platforming / puzzle genre that Valve’s Portal brought to life, I fell in love with the idea of Verge.

One of the first things I saw of the game was a photo of a prototype level design, built with lego bricks. I´m not sure if at that time I already knew what the game mechanic was about.

Check it out. Do you have ideas what the mechanics could be about?


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